Owning Your Awesome While Writing a Book

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Mindset, Video

A Behind the Scenes Tale of
57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online

The story behind my last book, 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online, is kind of an illustration of how one’s Awesome can fluctuate over time. In this video, I share a behind-the-scenes peek of that project and how it illustrated my Awesome’s ebb and flow.

The genesis of the book was when a Facebook friend of mine put out a call for authors. She and her husband were launching a publishing business with a series of books called 57 Secrets for…. I told her I’d be interested and we set up a telephone call to discuss the project. We talked about several topic ideas and landed on “branding yourself online.”

When I first got on board with the project, I thought, “Oh! This will be a slam dunk.” Basically, I had got all the content I needed. I just needed to pull it together, organize it, and update it.

Therefore, in that moment when I said “Yes!” I was most certainly Owning My Awesome.

And then, the fear came up. What had I gotten myself into? Could I really do this? Would it be good enough? Would people like it? Would it be helpful?

When you're in fear, you can't fully own your awesome
So, I procrastinated.

And I procrastinated.

And soon I was literally three days from deadline with no manuscript in sight.

That’s when reality hit me and I thought, “Oh, gosh, I need to get this book written!”

And so I cloistered myself for a weekend and I wrote that book.

What was truly wonderful about the process, was that in the moment that I was writing the book, I was channeling what needed to go in it. The content just flowed out of me. I even wondered why I’d been resisting it all that time, because it just flowed.

Next, I gave it to someone to proofread. She loved it. There were a few minor grammatical errors, because, well, when you’re in the flow, you’re not always paying attention the commas.

Then I submitted it to the publisher. She loved it.

What this story illustrates, in part, is that there will be moments where Owning Your Awesome means stepping back and saying, “I can’t do this right now.”

When you’re in fear, you can’t fully Own Your Awesome. It was a very good thing that I didn’t push myself to write my book when I was in that fear.

I waited until I was, “OK. I am focused now.” And the result was what I believe is one of my better books.

So don’t beat yourself up if you need to take a break and deal with your fears. Just don’t let them get the better of you and prevent you from moving forward toward your dreams, goals, and vision.

57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online is now out of print. You may be able to find a copy or two on Amazon. However, if you’d like an autographed copy, I still have a few copies on hand. You can order yours here.


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