Optimizing Strategies for Online Video Marketing

by | Apr 14, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

Optimizing Strategies for Online video marketing
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Video marketing can be a powerful traffic generation tool … if you know how to optimize your videos on hosting sites such as YouTube. Here are a few tips to help you make your videos be traffic funnels for your websites.

Video Title
Just like with article marketing, you want your video title to be both compelling to the potential viewers and include key words for search engine optimization.

Video Description
Include a clickable link to your website as early in the description as possible, preferably the first line. Also, you want to include a call to action so that viewers will have a compelling reason to click on that link.

Video Tags
Put your keywords and keyword phrases in your tags. These tags are used both by search engines and the video hosting search features to create search results.

The Video Itself
Be sure to include your URL in the video and have it up there long enough for someone to jot it down. You can do this by having it hover over the video images, including a slide with it at the beginning or end, or even adding it as note once it is uploaded (a feature that YouTube offers).

For more tips on optimizing videos, particularly on YouTube, check out this slideshow from Mark Robertson on SlideShare:

Video + SEO – Best Practices for Online Video
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