Opt-In Bonus Formats

by | Jul 12, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

opt-in bonus formats
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In what format should you deliver your opt-in bonus? Here are the most common options.

Delivery via Download

Delivering your opt-in bonus via download gives your new subscriber instant gratification. Many people even prefer to receive information products this way.

PDF Document
You write a report, ebook or white paper, lay it out nicely and transform it into a Portal Document Format or PDF. This is a fairly universal format is good for delivering information that is best conveyed through words and diagrams.

Other documents formats that can used include Microsoft Word or text. However these other options are less compatible across operating systems.

MP3 File
This is the most cross-compatible format to deliver audio content. WAV and other audio files are often much larger and may not be accessible to people on all operating systems.

Streaming Video
If you bandwidth can handle it, this is a good way to deliver video content. Video is very popular right now, and has shown to be favored my a wide variety of target markets.

Physical Delivery

Opt-in bonuses that are delivered to their front door often have a higher perceived value. That said, due to the time it takes to deliver it … you can loose the new subscriber’s interest by the time they receive your bonus.

Audio CD
This is a CD you can put into any standard CD player and listen to the audio content. Unless you say so, this is what most people will expect when they receive a CD in the mail.

Data CD
This is a CD that has to be placed in a computer to have the content accessed. You can load this CD with all of the downloadable types of files.

Standard DVD
This is DVD that one can play in any standard DVD player. This is a good way to deliver video content.

Data DVD
Rarely is this format used for an opt-in bonus, but it is an option if what you are delivering contains too much data to be stored on a data CD. And, like a data CD, it has to be placed in a computer to have the content accessed.

Choosing a Format

Which format you choose depends on both the bonus you want to deliver and the types of people you will be delivering it to. Sometimes a physical bonus will create greater conversions that a download. Sometimes the opposite it true. So, before you choose, know your audience.

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