Online Video Marketing: How It Helps Your Business

by | Apr 5, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

online video marketing
There are a myriad ways that online video marketing can help your business, but you might not be aware of what they are. So I’m going to share some with you in this post.

Increase Your Reach
Online video is hot and this is for a number of reasons. Regardless, because so many people are watching videos online, by having some of yours as part of the mix you will reach people you may not have using another form of communication.

Increase Your Website Traffic
Video hosting websites such as YouTube get a lot of traffic. Why not get some of your videos up there so you can get a piece of that traffic and funnel it back to your website?

Improve Communication
There will be people in your target market that learn from, and understand best, information presented in a visual manner. Video is perfect for these types of people and you will attract more of them to your business by using online video marketing techniques.

Expand Your Marketing and Product Development Options
Adding video to your mix of media opens up possibilities for product creation and marketing that would be difficult … if not impossible … in other forms of media. Video lends itself very well to demonstrating how things work, as well as conveying personality.

Increase Interaction with Your Audience
Video creates a more immediate, and often intimate, experience for your audience. It add a level of interactivity that isn’t possible with other forms of media. In fact, research conducted by DoubleClick on video advertising versus display ads, found that video ads perform much better.


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