Online Marketing for Musicians

by | May 18, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

online marketing for musicians
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Music is an integral part of the fabric of our lives. People express their personas by the music they listen to. It is the sound track of each of our own personal musicals. This is probably why music is so prolific online … and musicians can use this to their advantage.

Obviously, musicians should have a website that promotes their work and the gigs where people can go experience them live. But they also have to participate in other online forms of marketing.

Musicians need to participate in social media, especially if their target audience is younger. MySpace has always been a good place for music marketing, but Twitter and Facebook are good places to be, as well. And, of course, you’ve got to post videos on YouTube (a YouTube channel is essential).

If you or another member of the band can’t manage social media activities, hire someone to do it. If your profile is inactive, it is not going to help your visibility. Corey Denis, an expert at marketing bands and artists, says to treat this person as if they were a member of your band … this activity is that important.

Make sure your music is available through iTunes … you can even give away samples on your website and in social media. I’m still a hold out for CDs, but more and more people get all their music digitally.

While researching this post, I found an excellent interview with Denis, that I think you should read. You can find it here: Social Media Online Marketing for Musicians

Basically, what you’re trying to do with all these efforts is get your music noticed and develop a strong fan base. This, when done well, will eventually lead to music sales.

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