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by | May 11, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

online food marketing
People who work with food … restaurateurs, caterers, bakers, food arrangers … are creative in a way that other artists aren’t. They are subject to rules and regulations that other artists aren’t. And their work is, by definition, short-lived, destined for consumption or the trash can.

Also, because everybody eats, there are more online marketing strategies that a foodie can take advantage of than other creatives can. Here is a summary of ways that foodies can use the Internet to market their food-related business.

If people are going to find you on the web, it is wise to have a website. This is your business’s home on the web and you have complete control over the content. I’ve noticed several restaurants are still doing business without one … and I’m afraid they are losing business in the process. Without a website, it is harder to get found. And trust me, people are looking for their next meal online.

Your website should not only let people know where you are located and how to get there but also give them an idea of what kind of food they can expect for what kind of prices. Make it easy for people to choose you and your food business.

This strategy works really well if you’ve got a lot going on in your business. If you host events or offer specials fairly frequently, you can use your blog to plug them. Also, depending on your business, you can use the blog to educate people about your offerings. Gary Vaynerchuk did this with a wine video blog and has created quite a lucrative business from that.

Article Marketing
I know this might be a shocker, but people look for recipes online. If you have recipes to share, you can post them on article directories to help people find you. I have a recipe for Banana Bundt Cake that has remained one of my most popular articles on for several months now.

Local Coupons
Online coupon websites, such as Groupon, are proliferating. You can even offer coupons on local marketing websites such as Merchant’s Circle. If you offer coupons through these sites, you’ll attract customers you might not otherwise. But be careful … if you do it wrong, you’ll just end up attracting people who are way too cheap for what you offer.

Twitter has been used to great effect for mobile food businesses. They tweet their location and can generate long lines of eager patrons.

Not mobile? You can still use Twitter to keep people posted of specials, events, what’s going on on your blog, and more.

Create a fan page for your business. Use it to get people involved … and spreading the word about how awesome your food business is.

Local Marketing
Be sure you put geotags in the code of your website so people will find you when looking for a local food business. Always mention your location when you post online … article marketing, blogging, etc. If your business is a pizza parlor in Spokane, then your primary keywords will be “Spokane pizza parlor” and “pizza parlor in Spokane.” Use them judiciously and strategically.

PURL Marketing
PURL stands for “Personalized URL” and doing a PURL campaign can be a powerful local marketing strategy. Basically you send out postcards inviting people to visit a website that has been customized just for them. You can learn more about this tactic by reading my earlier post, An Integrated PURL Campaign Can Grow Your List.

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