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by | Apr 6, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

book-launch-partyThere are so many ways to hold a book launch party, that this post couldn’t possibly cover them all. So I’m going to focus on how to create a fun online launch party, much like I did for my book, Home Sweet Home Page.

First, think about what a traditional party might be like. What things do you need to hold a non-virtual party?

  • A location
  • A guest list and invitations
  • A host or hostess
  • A time and date
  • A party theme
  • Gifts and door prizes
  • Food & drink
  • Activities

Now, how do you translate all these things into something you can do on your website?

A location
Create a specific page or set of pages within your website. You can even decorate them, especially for this event, too!

A guest list and invitations
Invite everyone on your mailing list, as well as everyone you’re connected to through social media.

A host or hostess
Of course, the logical choice to be the host or hostess yourself. But, sometimes it can be fun to invite a “celebrity” or expert to act as your “master of ceremonies.” This person can introduce and interview you about your topic of expertise on a teleseminar. Or he or she can provide some sort of endorsement for your book that can “open” your party.

Be sure to provide some reciprocal love to your host. Feature their business prominently on your event page(s).

A time and date
Remember, your online event can be held 24 hours a day. So your party can be several days long … something you can’t do with a live, in-person party!

A party theme
Every party needs a theme, right? So your virtual book launch party should have one, too! Choose a theme that is relevant to your book. You can also take into account any current trends or events. Make it fun!

For example, let’s say your book is about underwater basket weaving. You could choose a Mermaid or Poseidon theme! Or, if your book is about dog training, you could use a “Day at the Dog Park” theme. Get the picture?

Gifts and door prizes
Because your party is online, it is easy to give everyone gifts and door prizes. You can offer downloadable special reports and/or audios. You can post special guest-only videos. You can even have special drawings for more valuable gifts — digital and physical.

Food & drink I got creative with this one on my virtual book launch. I created a series of special reports called “recipes” for various types of home pages and offered them for free during the party. I now sell them in my shop.

I’m sure that if you’re creative, you can provide “recipes” that are related to your book, as well. Activities Here’s where the real fun in playing your book launch party begins! Keep in mind that the more activities you provide, the longer people will linger at your “party” and maybe even start telling people they’ve got to drop by, too. Here are some ideas for activities you could offer at your virtual party:

  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • A scavenger hunt
  • A crossword puzzle
  • A word find puzzle
  • A Q&A session via telephone
  • A live chat session
  • A commenting feature on your page(s)
  • A Tweet-a-thon
  • Fun word games
  • Assessments

I’m sure you can come up with more. Be creative, have fun and people will not only buy copies of your book, but they’ll also have fun doing it!

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