New Year, New Theme

by | Dec 28, 2009 | Mindset

One of the ezines I receive is from ADD Management Group and the founder, Jennifer Koretsky, had a really interesting take on New Year’s resolutions I’d like to share with you.

She suggested that having a traditional, strict New Year’s Resolution just sets you up for not only failure, but beating yourself up over it as well.

She suggested that you have a theme for the New Year instead.

Instead of locking yourself into strict guidelines that you’ll eventually want to rebel against anyway, what if you resolved to focus on making improvements in one specific area that’s important to you? I’m talking about creating a theme for the New Year.

I thought that was a radically cool idea! You can read her entire post here:

So how does this concept translate to a business mindset (this month’s topic), you might ask.

Well, I think you can have a theme for your business, as well. In fact, I’m going to be doing the same thing with my business.

2009 was a wild and bumpy ride … but it helped me get closer to who I really am. So, in part, my theme for the new year is to put more heart and soul into my business … something I’ve been somewhat remiss in doing this year, and which has led to most of the bumps along the way.

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I would love to know what you think of this idea and what your themes for the New Year will be!

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