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by | Dec 11, 2013 | Power Thoughts

Juliet Stevenson as the Oracle in Atlantis
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“Its only when we accept that we’re lost, that we find our true path.”
~ Juliet Stevenson as The Oracle in Atlantis, “A Girl by Any Other Name,” Season 1, Episode 2, written by Howard Overman

What this quotes means to business:
Sometimes entrepreneurs try to do it all by themselves. They may have had success in some aspect of business in another time of their life, so they feel they don’t need help to get their current endeavor going.

They’re wrong.

Successful entrepreneurs know that having the right people in their corner is critical for business success. They know they need a coach to help them through aspects they haven’t experienced before. They need a mentor to show them the way and guide them. They need people on their team whose strengths match their own weaknesses.

In other words, successful entrepreneurs know they don’t know everything and they are courageous enough to ask for help … they can admit when they are lost. And, because they do that, they find the help they need and attract the guidance they are looking for to get them on (or back on) their true path.

Whether you hire me as your coach, someone I refer you to, or someone else all together, please, please, please hire a coach or mentor to help you bring your unique brilliance out into the world.


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