National Networking Week

by | Apr 4, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

national networking week
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This week is National Networking Week. Networking is such an important part of growing a business that I thought I take a day off the main topic for the month to talk about it.

To sell more books and therefore to sell more of your other services, people need to know you exist. One very effective way of doing this is to network … to get out from behind your computer and meet people … in person.

You can attend trade shows, conventions, networking meetings, seminars and workshops and meet people that can become clients, mentors, friends and, yes, even agents and publishers.

But you don’t want to network for networking’s sake. You want to be strategic about it. Go to events that will give you a good return on your investment of time and money in them. A networking opportunity is a good strategic investment if it does any of these things:

  • Increases your visibility
  • Increases your knowledge … in an area that will improve your business or skills
  • Gets you in touch with potential clients, business partners or mentors

Of course, you need to “work” the event to make it have real value. And, I totally get that there are times and personalities that run contrary to this. I’m a rather shy person and often avoid people at networking events … so they were not effective for me for a very long time. Then I got a tapping session with someone I met at a networking event and within the 15 minutes she spent with me broke through that barrier.

Yes, I’m still shy, but now I don’t feel so afraid introducing myself to people at networking events. And because of that I’ve made some very good connections that have helped me, my books and my business.

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