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by | Jul 9, 2013 | Marketing & Selling

I’m in the final countdown to my first live event. Things have not gone according to plan, but I still believe the event will be successful.

I had a grand vision for this event, and I’ve had to tailor it down to a very good, but intimate, event. And that’s OK.

Ticket sales are coming along. I’ve completed the workbook and sent it to the printer. I’ve created a lovely banner with my sponsors’ logos on it and sent that to the printer.

I’m holding wonderful thought for the success of this event. If you would like to come … it is going to be held here in Long Beach, Calif. this Sunday, go to for more information and to purchase advanced tickets. They come to about $6 in advance (including fees), it will be $10 at the door.

I’m also excited to announce that two more door prizes have been added to the event!

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Money Methods for Women and Glamour-en-Motion
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Top Tier Double-Sponsor Kathy Cardinal-Quintana has donated two door prizes:

  • A 5-piece ensemble of fashion jewelry from Glamour-en-Motion — a $100 value, and
  • A Money Methods for Women Consultation — a $250 value. When you leave this consultation, should you be lucky enough to win it, you’ll have an “Afford Yourself” Assessment that can be immediately followed.


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