Mastering Article Types: The Round Up

by | Mar 10, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many templates that your articles can follow. These templates are the common types of articles that people are used to reading, and knowing what they are can actually help you write your articles more quickly. So far, I’ve talked about “The Top List” and “The How To.” Today, I’ll talk about The Round Up.

You know those episodes of you favorite TV shows that are really just an excuse to show you clips from previous episodes? That’s what a Round Up article is. You round up information from previously published stuff and you show case it. And here’s how to do it in a way that provides value to your readers.

First, select the theme of your round up. The previously published information you’ll be highlighting needs to be related to each other through an over arching theme. For example:

  • My best posts about article marketing
  • The best time travel movies of all time
  • The worst fashion blunders of the Oscar season

Next, you gather the information you’ll be highlighting and you organize it. You’ll be providing links to the original source, but you’ll want your list of resources to have a logical flow. This can be alphabetical, by preference or some other organizing structure.

Finally, present your list with a brief summary of why each item has been included in your round up. This is where your expertise shines. Your summaries should explain

  • Why the item was included
  • Why you think it is worth checking out
  • A brief synopsis of what the reader will find there

The beauty of the Round Up is that it can be used to highlight your own stuff, as well as the work of others. You can use it to make your own articles more easy to find … or follow in sequence. You can use it to highlight the work of those you respect and look up to. You can use it as a way to organize and share information you’ve found during your own research efforts.

However you choose to use it, you will come off as being someone who knows what you’re talking about (of course, that depends on you sharing valuable links) and someone who makes finding information on the web that much easier.

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