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by | Nov 28, 2014 | Mindset

“Mastery over your mindset is critical  to Owning Your Awesome and  success in general.” ~ Carma Spence

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What you think about expands. Therefore mastery over your mindset is critical to Owning Your Awesome and success in general. In a previous tip, “7 Tips for Outside In Awesome,” I gave you some tips for physical things you can do to manage your mindset. Today, I’d like to share some less physical ways you can program your mindset.

1. Watch what you watch. Are you watching a lot of negativity on TV? Go on a TV diet and cut down on the negative messages you are receiving through that channel. Also, be careful to watch only positive, up-lifting shows before you go to sleep. Watch TV consciously and be selective about what and when you watch.

2. Fire bad friends. Cultivate friendships and relationships with up-lifting, positive people and cut down on the time you spend with the Eyeore’s in your life (you know the ones … those who rarely have something nice to say and feel the world is out to get them).

3. Use positive affirmations. Make sure your affirmations are stated positively and in the present tense. Also, make sure that they are believable. If you’re in debt to your eyeballs, using the affirmation “I am wealthy” is not going to work. However, something softer such as “I embrace a wealthy mindset” might work a bit better.

4. Immerse yourself in Universal laws and New Thought. E-Squared by Pam Grout is a great place to start. Or you can read up on the masters such as Catherine Ponder, Ernest Holmes and Charles Fillmore. Soak up these mindset mastery teachings like a sponge.

5. Treat negative thoughts like embers. Emmet Fox uses the analogy of an ember: If an ember lands on your sweater and you immediately brush it off, no harm done. But leave it longer and you’ve got a hole in your sweater! Treat your negative thoughts like embers and brush them off quickly. Joseph Murphy even suggests not even finishing a negative thought. Cut if off as soon as you notice yourself and immediately replace it with a positive thought.

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