Martin Luther King’s Formula for Business Success

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Weekday Wisdom, Episode 98

Do you have a compelling vision in your business that is attractive and inspiring to your ideal clients? In today’s episode, Carma shares a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. and breaks it down to show you how it applies to your business.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Formula for Business Success

I recently saw this quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. I know he was talking more about a movement, but it really applies to business, as well. He said,

“If you want to move people it has to be toward a vision that’s positive for them, that taps important values, that gets them something they desire. And it has to be presented in a compelling way that they feel inspired to follow.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here’s how I break this down for business.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s First Point: “move people it has to be toward a vision that’s positive for them”

point one highlighted

You want a vision that’s positive for them. What does this mean in business? It means that you are talking about your products and services in benefits language. Not features language. We don’t care that it’s this size or that color. What good does your your client get? What benefit, what transformation are they going to get out of working with you or buying your product?

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Second Point: “taps important values”

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It needs to tap into important values. Again this doesn’t necessarily mean values like integrity, but it means what does that person that you’re trying to sell to value or spend their time and energy on? Interestingly enough, this weekend I went to a workshop where I learned what my highest values were. And it kind of threw me off because it turned out my highest value was science fiction. I thought, “Well that doesn’t sound like a value.” But then it was explained to me: It’s what I value the most in terms of what I expend my energy on the most, mentally, physically, etc. Frankly, if I could make money being involved with the science fiction community, I would be a happy camper. So if someone’s trying to sell something to me, they might be more successful if they tap into that geeky, science fiction-ness of me.

What are the values that your ideal clients have? What is it that your client values that would make them want to buy your product or service?

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Third Point: “gets them something they desire”

point three highlighted

It gets them something that they desire. Now, we all know that, yeah, everybody needs your product or service, right? Yes, that may be true. But do they desire it?

For example, let’s take a bottle of water. We all need water, right? Everybody should buy bottled water! But not everybody desires it. In fact, I’ll even do another example: Filtered water. I’ve always drank filtered water. I don’t like drinking tap water. However, my husband thinks that filters are a waste of time and drinks water straight out of the tap. So we’ve come to a compromise: I have a nice filter pitcher, and he drinks out of the tap. But you’ll see here, we both need water. I desire filtered water. He does not.

What is it about your product or service that you could tap into to the desires of your ideal clients? Again, this will probably be part of your benefits.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Fourth Point: “presented in a compelling way that they feel inspired to follow”

point four highlighted

It has to be communicated in a compelling way that inspires your clients to follow you. So, let’s sum up here:

  1. You’ve got a vision that’s positive for them.
  2. It taps into their important values.
  3. And it is something they desire.

Now, you need to communicate all those things in a way that your ideal clients go, “Yes! That’s what I want!”

Getting all those things together can be tough at times. Sometimes it takes experimentation. You need to try and fail. Try and fail. Reiterate. Reiterate. Reiterate. Until you get it right. Eventually, you will find what will compel your ideal clients to be in love with what you have to offer them.

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And as always:

Think outside the box.

See! I took a Martin Luther King quote about movements and applied it to business. That was a little outside of the box. Right?

Spread your wings and fly.
You can do this.
You are capable of more than you know.

You just have to keep taking those baby steps forward. And maybe, following Martin Luther King’s formula that I just laid out will help you do that. See you next time on the Weekday Wisdom.

Formula in a Nut Shell

  1. You’ve got a vision that’s positive for them.
  2. Your vision taps into your ideal clients’ important values.
  3. What you have to offer is something they desire — not just need.
  4. Your message is compelling and inspires your ideal clients’ to take action.

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