Marketing Your Book Online

by | Apr 1, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

marketing you book online
This month’s editorial theme is online book marketing. But before I start sharing with you the numerous ways you can use the Web to market your book and develop a fan base for your future books, I want to talk a little bit about the mindset you need to have going into this whole venture.

First, you need to understand that although book sales are awesome, they are not how you make a living … and they never will be. Authors make a living from all the other things that good to great book sales attract and bring into their lives and business:

  • speaking engagements
  • clients
  • customers of their other products
  • referrals for more of the above.

Now that I got that out of the way, I want to share with you a teaser of what’s to come and how you should be using the tips I’ll be sharing. There is a cornucopia of ways you can use the Internet to market your book. I’ll only be touching on about a dozen of them.

Should you use them all? Not really … you should create a focused and strategic plan to market your book and not get bogged down with too many techniques. That said, you probably should at least give them all a test drive.

Your goal in test driving techniques is to discover which ones work best for you. And by “you” I mean:

? You the person who has to resonate with the techniques. You don’t want to use marketing methods that feel inauthentic to you.

? You the author and business who has to be in alignment with the techniques. Not all marketing methods are appropriate for all authors and businesses.

? Your book’s content. Some techniques will work better for nonfiction than fiction books, and vice versa. Some techniques will work better for one topic than for another.

So feel free to experiment. Have some fun … and avoid those techniques that make you feel “yuck!” at first sight.

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