Making Do: The Filler Opt-In Bonus

by | Jul 23, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

making do
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Just because you haven’t come up with an ideal opt-in bonus, doesn’t mean you need to put off building your list right now. You can put up a “good for now” opt in bonus and start building your list right away. Here are some ideas for creating a quick and “dirty” opt-in bonus so you don’t have to wait for your ideal one to manifest.

PLR Content
Grab some PLR or Private Label Rights content and create a special report. Be sure to read through the content and spiffy it up, because much of the PLR content out there is written pretty terribly. That said, it is usually based on solid key word research, so you know the information is targeted if not eloquent.

Resale Rights Reports
Some resale rights reports allow you give the content away for free. Be sure you want to be associated with the report, and then you can offer it as an opt-in bonus.

Create A Multi-Author Anthology Report
Using articles from an article directory, you can create a free report for your opt-in list. Be sure to add at least one article of your own … better yet, write an introduction to each article, as well. Put your name on the cover as editor, and you’ve got yourself a decent opt-in bonus.

Create A Single Author Anthology Report
Gather a bunch of your old, evergreen blog posts and articles and create a report just like the one above … only this time you are the only author.

Re-Purpose Old products
Are you retiring an old product that still has good content, but doesn’t sell as well? Try re-purposing it as a opt-in bonus. Maybe you have a teleclass recording you no longer distribute, but has good information. That could work, too.

Each of these ideas can be implemented fairly quickly and will make a decent opt-in bonus. In fact, many of these ideas can be used as the seed for an ideal opt-in bonus. So go on … get an opt-in bonus out there and start building your list!

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