Make Your Book Launch Party Unique

by | Jul 17, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Some Ideas for a Creative Book Launch Party

Throwing a book launch party is a great way to start off a book promotion campaign. It helps you spread the word, helps foster your “celebrity” standing, and it can provide a great press hook so you get mentioned in the media.

Here are some ideas you can use to create your unique, one-of-a-kind book launch party.

Location: Throw the party at a location that is apropos of your book. Is it a historical book? Have the party at an appropriate museum. Does the book feature food? Host the party at a restaurant. If you play your cards right, you could land a great venue because the party will promote both your book and the location of the party!

Throwing a virtual book launch party? Create an experience with your website that will be memorable. Use a domain name that is specific to the party. Include virtual versions of all the things you would have at a live and in-person party. Be creative and you’ll generate some killer word-of-mouth!

Theme: Play up the theme of your book at your party. This is similar to my tip on location, but takes is a step further. Is your book a murder mystery? Hire a mystery party company to re-enact your book with the attendees. Or, do something simple like serve red desserts in the shape of a herring! Does your book take place in the tropics? Be sure to decorate with fake palm trees and have hula dancers as entertainment.

For a non-fiction business book, take a look at the personality of the book. Maybe your party theme can use the cover for inspiration? For example, gold fish could be the central motif of a party for Becoming an Online Business Manager: Playing a Bigger Game with your Clients (and Yourself). And for a book such as Goal Digger: Lessons Learned From The Rich Men I Dated, attendees could receive little shovels with worthy goals written on them.

To Talk or Not to Talk: Many book launch parties feature a lecture or reading from the author. And, depending on your book, this might be exactly what your target market wants. But just because this is often done doesn’t mean you have to do it. Perhaps all that is needed is a reception with the author or a book signing. Or maybe something completely out of the box like a karaoke contest. Use your book to inspire what is the best way to throw your book launch party.

An Example of A Cool Online Book Launch Party
The online book launch of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, hosted by author Grace Lin, uses some of the ideas I mention in this post. She not only included gifts and activities on her website, but incorporated Facebook activities, as well. This was particularly appropriate because the book was written for middle school readers.

How could you incorporate social media in your online book launch party. Could you have a Twit-a-thon? Special YouTube video presentations? What about using a Squidoo lens or SlideShare? Maybe you could offer special branded merchandise through CafePress! The more interactive options you include, the more involved your participants will be. This can translate into sales of your book, other products and services. It could get you noticed by the media. Who know what wonderful things could come of your fun and different book launch party!

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