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by | Feb 6, 2015 | Mindset

“People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’
and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.”
~ Salma Hayek

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this month’s theme is Self Love. And today I’m going to talk about one of my most challenging areas: Loving your body.

Growing up, my food was tightly monitored and no matter what weight I was at, I felt fat. I now look at pictures of myself in my teens and realize I was not fat at all. Because of my lack of self body love, I didn’t own a pair of shorts until my 20s. What helped me change all that was taking up belly dance. I finally found a way of moving that jived with my body, that felt right. For the first time in my life, even though I was about 10-15 lbs over weight, I felt lovely.

This is one of the reasons that I love Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. It celebrates women’s bodies of all shapes, sizes and ages. Regardless of your fitness level, weight or youthfulness, you are beautiful, lovable and worthy of owning your special, unique body awesome.

Even today, I have to say that I’m working to lose weight and would like to be trimmer. But I’m not as plagued by self-image as I was when I was younger. For too long I let my weight be an excuse not to stand up and be bold in my business. And then I discovered that people were more interested in what I had to share, in how I could motivate and help them, than in what size dress I wore.

Here are five tips to help you embrace and love your body:

  1. Recognize that your body is your transportation through this life. Take good care of it and it will take good care of you, and this includes loving it as it is, right now.
  2. Use a power stance to increase confidence. Standing like Wonder Woman or even in Warrior Pose for 2 minutes will literally change your chemistry, making you feel more confident and powerful. This is your body supporting you in your life!
  3. Do what you love to do, regardless of your weight or shape. Be gentle if you’re out of shape, but don’t let your “druthers” get in the way of your pleasure today.
  4. Wear clothes that flatter your shape and that are comfortable and make you feel fabulous. I’m partial to soft and flowing fabrics. What do you like to wear?
  5. Create positive body image affirmations and repeat them daily. Better, yet, write them down at least 10 times daily. Train your brain to love your body now.

Originally created for the platform, launched in September of 2014, my content on Fridays helps you “Own Your Awesome” in the eight facets of your life.


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