Leveraging Facebook for Your Business

by | Mar 2, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

Facebook is one of the top most-visited websites, with an Alexa ranking of 5 (the smaller the number, the better — Best Buy’s website was 227 when I checked). Among social networking sites, it is now the #1, followed by MySpace and Twitter.

Although it started out as a way for college students to keep in touch with each other, it has grown in popularity for business owners to build relationships with their ideal clients and grow their business.

But, many people are confused as to how to best use Facebook in this manner. So, I thought a quick overview might be in order.

1. Set up your profile.
(A) Include a photo of yourself that looks presentable. One that showcases your face is good, too. I chose this one because it also includes my branding for Turbo-Charge Your Marketing.

(B) Below your image, there is a link that says “Write something about yourself.” Click on it and put something interesting about you there. I’ve seen people use this space for favorite quotes, which is nice, but not for business. You’ll see I put a paragraph that describes me, my business and my hobbies in a nut shell. This lets people know that I’m here for business networking, but that I’m human, too.

(C) Up at the top of the page, under your status, are several tabs. One of them is “Info.” Fill this out as best you can. Then you can select what parts of these show up on your profile. Under the “Contact Information” section of “Info” there is a place where you can list your website(s). This is a nice way to let people know where to find out more about what you do in an unobtrusive way.

2. Join Groups
Find groups that you can contribute to, find interesting and that your ideal clients would also be a member of.

3. Invite Friends
Now, go through the members of the groups you belong to and invite them to be friends. To help you manage this, you might want to create friend lists that correspond to each week that you invite them. (This will save you a lot of time later.) Also, since public speaking is a part of my business, I also created friend lists for locations such as “Arizona” and “Los Angeles.” This allows me to more easily invite friends from a particular area without having to do it the hard way.

4. Create a Group of Your Own
The topic of your group should be related to your business. For example, I’ve created a couple of groups: Turbo-Charge Your Marketing and WordPress ReVamp.

5. Invite Your Friends to Join Your Group
You can only invite friends once … that’s why I suggested you group them in friend lists. As you list of friends grows, you don’t want to be inviting them one at a time!

6. Hold Events for Your Group.
This is where the rubber meets the road — this is where you can showcase your talents and services in teleseminars and invite all your group members to attend.

Of course, there are a few more details. But there is just too much to cover in just one blog post. However, I hope that I’ve given you enough of a blueprint that you can, at least, get started on using Facebook to grow your list and build your business.


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