Let go to move forward

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Mindset, Video

Forgiveness moves you forward
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What do the current Pope, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Cesar Chavez and Nelson Mandela have in common?

They all preached the importance of forgiveness.

Some people mistakenly believe that forgiveness is about giving the “wrong-doer” a free pass. That’s not the case at all. Forgiveness is all about the one doing the forgiving. When you forgive, you let go of anger and resentment that can hold you back from owning your awesome and building the life and business you have envisioned.

Like I said in the video, the person who angered you does not suffer when you hold onto that anger and build resentment … you do. So let go and forgive. Forgiveness cleans out the clutter in your mindset so you can move forward. It clears the air so you can be more creative, more authentic and more profitable in your life and business.

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