Keeping In Touch Is Crucial for Service Professionals

by | Jun 15, 2009 | Marketing & Selling


“Success comes from taking the initiative and following up.”
~ Anthony Robbins

Although a retailer can get by without following up after a contact or sale, a service professional really can’t. Remember, it is far less expensive to keep a client and get repeat business than it is to find a new one. Also, your best source of referrals come from happy past clients.

Kim T. Gordon, the “Marketing” coach at, says that “if you’re not communicating with your customer database at least every four to six weeks, you’re missing opportunities to grow you business.” So how do you keep in touch with your prospects and clients so that you remain top of mind the next time they or someone they know need your type of services?

The most common way is through some sort of newsletter. This can be in print or electronic form and should include relevant and valuable information. You want to avoid pummeling your list with hard sales every time you contact them. In fact, it is far better for you to become a trusted resource … they’ll be more likely to stay on your list, rather than opt-out.

But, you can mix it up, too. In between newsletters you can send a variety of other types of messages:

  • Recommendations – these are often products and services that are related to yours and you get an affiliate commission from
  • Case studies – these serve several functions. They reinforce the value of your service; provide ideas of how others are using your service; and offer solutions that your clients may not have thought of before, thus bolstering your expert status.
  • News announcements – these can be mentions of new products or services you are offering or commentary on local, national or world news that affects or is related to your service

You might also want to mix up the media a bit, too. Some of your communications can come via email, but others should come via the postal service, too, in the form of postcards and other mailers. You can even use text messages and recorded telephone calls … just be careful that you have permission to do so. These last two methods are much more intrusive and can backfire if they are unwelcome.



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