Jill Lublin’s Simple Formula for Radio Interview Success

by | Jul 8, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

One of the most powerful and useful pieces of advice I got while attending April’s Market Your Way to Wealth event was Jill Lublin’s simple formula for creating a winning radio interview script.

Basically, you take your basic message and boil it down to fit this formula:

The problem today is … (what problem you help solve).
I’d like to share three tips … (that solve that problem).

For example, I came up with this one:

The problem today is that authors are struggling to sell their books and build a platform in this down economy. I’d like to share three simple tips that will turbo-charge your book marketing and build an author’s platform for long-term success.

To make your interviews more effective in marketing your book and business, integrate the names of your books, products, services and brands into your message.

For example, I included the key words “turbo-charge your marketing” in my intro above because I have a blog and product called “Turbo-Charge Your Marketing.”

Another tip that I incorporated into my sample above was making it timely. Right now, people are very concerned about the economy and catch phrases such as “slow economy” and “down economy” perk up their ears.


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