Jay Abraham on Copy Writing

by | Dec 10, 2008 | Marketing & Selling

I found this video featuring Jay Abraham — a top-notch marketing expert — on the web and thought it had some really good, relevant information on how to use Amazon.com to write good copy. The images of the search results he’s sharing are hard to see, but the audio is the most important part anyway.

If you’re looking for some keywords to help you do the searches he suggests, you might check out these tools:

Google Trends
This website helps you find the most searched-for words and phrases on the Internet. On the landing page, it provides the “Hot Trends” of the day.

Google Insights for Search
This is another useful way to see what the most popular search terms and phrases are. You just enter your search term, and it will show you a list of related terms that people have been using in their searches.

Google Trends for Websites
Interested in seeing how the competition is doing for different search terms and phrases? This is the tool to use! Armed with the keywords you get from the above tools and the technique that Jay explains in the video, you’re on your way to pretty darn good copy that speaks to your target market, without a great outlay of cash.


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