Integrated Article Marketing

by | Aug 25, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

integrated article marketing
Like any marketing technique you use in your business, article marketing should be an integral part of your overall article marketing plan. It should not be a plan unto itself … it should support and compliment all the other methods and techniques you are using in your business.

Here are a few marketing techniques that are used to market small business and how article marketing can support them.

Email Marketing
You can use your articles to provide content for your electronic newsletter.

Search Engine Marketing
Your articles posted to article directories can help with off-page search engine optimization.

Social Networking
With social networking, you need to be a giver more than a promoter. Sharing your articles with your social networks help you accomplish that.

Your articles can be linked to on your blog. They can be re-written and posted on your blog. Your resource box can point to your blog.

Video Marketing
You can transform your articles into slideshow videos or use them as the basis of content for your “talking head” videos.

Audio Marketing and Podcasting
You can transform your articles into audio files for your podcast or use them and outlines or leaping off points for content-rich audio programs or podcast episodes.

Postcard Marketing
Michele P.W. does this … she publishes one of her articles on a postcard and mails it out once a month. This is an excellent strategy for keeping you top of mind because it is different and will probably last a little longer than an email will.

Do you have any ideas for integrating article marketing into your overall marketing plan? Do you know of ways that article marketing can support other marketing techniques that you use? Please share them with the Women’s Business Gallery community using the comment box below.

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