10 Strategies To Increase Follower Engagements on Facebook

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Marketing & Selling

By Claire Divas

Facebook is still the undisputed king of social media with around 2 billion monthly active users. Though the increase in its user base is not impressive for the past few years, it still stands tall as the number one social platform in terms of the user base. Its diverse user base has made brands and marketers still rely on this platform amidst a cluster of new social platforms that have gained momentum in recent days. Meanwhile, Facebook is also rolling out many features to make people glue with the platform and to drive the Millennials and Generation Z. Here are some of the essential measures to increase follower engagements and maximize the conversion rate on Facebook.

10 Strategies To Increase Follower Engagements on Facebook

Increase Follower Engagements with User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content plays a substantial role in increasing follower engagements for your brand on Facebook. The user-generated contents are a form of feedback that helps in enhancing the image of your brand. Thus, the way you promote the user-generated content determines your reach. Have a deep analysis of those contents as it will range from videos, images and blog posts. Choose the best among them and promote it in an enticing manner which will help you largely in driving more people and enhancing follower engagement.

Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an effective measure to increase follower engagements. Facebook ads will help you to reap the benefit only if you come up with “convincing content.” As many people especially your target audience will have the view of your Facebook ads, make sure the image or video you promote through Facebook ads reflect your brand tone and have the convincing ingredient that is required to drive the viewer to go with your product. Come up with a new Facebook according to the demographics which helps you to get impressive results.

Increase Follower Engagements with Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one of the essential tactics that have to be followed to increase follower engagements. Facebook Live avails real-time interaction with followers. As conversational marketing has become crucial, brands are expected to give much more importance to Facebook Live as it can be used as an effective tool to maximize the engagement rate. Reports suggest that live videos deliver 3x more engagement rates than normal videos.

As everyone who has liked your Facebook page will get notified once you go live, it will not be necessary to derive a separate strategy to drive your followers to your live video. Facebook Live can be used as an effective medium to launch a new product on the market.

Collaborate with Influencers

Joining hands with influencers is a clever measure to increase follower engagements and to get new followers for your Facebook page. As influencer marketing has become more crucial in today’s scenario, it is essential for brands to resort to influencer marketing to enhance their engagement and to increase their conversion rates. However, the influencer you choose also decides the engagement rate. Make sure the image of the influencer you choose aligns with your brand. For instance, choosing Katty Perry to promote a sports shoe brand will not avail of many benefits to you. Hence, choose your influencers wisely.

Increase Follower Engagements with Videos

It is believed that 85% of online content will be videos by 2025. The new social platforms that are rolled out recently which garnered the people’s attention are mostly video-centric. Adapting to the changes, Facebook also rolled out a separate tab for videos making the platform more video-centric. Since Millennials and Generation Z spend most of their time on social platforms by watching videos, it can be used as an effective medium to increase follower engagement and drive more people.

Track Your Performance

Tracking and taking note of the reach of your campaign is as important as deriving an effective strategy for your campaign. Hence, after launching every campaign, have a keen look at the way it reaches people, the reaction of your target audience, etc. There are multiple tools that could track the performance of your campaign more effectively and gives you deep insights. This will help you to frame a better strategy for your campaigns and increase follower engagement.

Strengthen Bond with Your Community

Once you have built an audience base for you on the platform, implement the measures that help you to strengthen your bond with your customers which will make them stay with your brand for a long time. You can also form a community and create a Facebook page. Through this, you can take your brand’s every update to your target audience as posting on the group frequently can increase the engagement rate.

Gain Popularity with Stories

Stories are one of the essential features to increase your brand awareness and increase conversion rates. Stories help you to maximize your reach in a short period of time thus making it more suitable for brands. According to a recent survey, 70% of marketers have opined that stories helped them to maximize the conversion rate. Hence, posting relevant stories frequently will help you to maximize the engagement rate and increase your conversion rates.

Run Contests To Increase Follower Engagements

Contests are one of the strategies that are being followed from the days of traditional marketing. Even after the marketing and customer approach has changed dramatically over years, still, contests play a substantial role with brands opting to this strategy in social platforms to enhance their brand awareness and maximize their conversion rates. Thus, Facebook being the social media platform where millions of people across the world converge is the appropriate platform for brands to reach out to many people. Thus, running contests on Facebook can increase the awareness of your brand in manifolds that could eventually result in the maximization of your engagement rate.

Facebook Stickers

Stickers can be used as an effective medium to convey the emotion you intend to transfer to your viewer effectively. Facebook has also rolled out stickers for stories that have helped brands to increase their engagement rates.


These effective strategies will help brands to increase their follower engagement on Facebook. Though many new platforms are gaining more reach still Facebook is the marketer’s first choice due to its diverse and huge user base. Facebook has also brought changes to its platforms according to the recent trends which have made the platform inevitable by the marketers.


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