How to Leverage Audio to Promote Your Business

by | Jun 18, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

leverage audio for businessThere are going to be people in your target market who respond to audio better than they respond to text. Therefore you need to find ways to add audio to your marketing mix. Here are some suggestions:

1. Joint Venture Audio Programs
When you are the guest on someone else’s teleseminar, podcast or Internet radio show, you will gain access to the people on the host’s list or within the sphere of his or her influence. Provide great content and you will entice many of the listeners to subscribe to your list.

2. Podcasts and Internet Radio Shows
There is a reason that those joint venture partners I mentioned above host a podcast or Internet radio show … it helps them build an audience. Create a compelling show and you will attract people who will also visit your website.

3. Audio Article Marketing
Posting audio versions of your articles to article directories that accept them gives you access to audience that a regular article might not reach. Provide good content and end with a compelling offer to visit your website, and you’ll increase traffic there.

4. Audio Welcome Messages
You can post a quick audio message that introduces visitors to the concept of your landing page. This message should be short, to the point and entice the visitor to read more. This message can automatically play or you can have the visitor make the choice to listen … test to see which works better with your audience.

5. Snippets of Audio Products
If what you are pitching on your sales or squeeze page has audio components, then you can offer snippets of them. This way, your visitors can hear a sample of what they are going to receive.


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