How Audio Can Help Your Business

by | Jun 4, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

There are many ways that recording audio can help your business. Here are just the first four I could think of:

Better Productivity
It is often easier and quicker for you to create an audio product than a written one. Therefore you can provide more information products to serve your market in less time if record them in audio format.

Business Promotion
There are many ways you can use audio to promote your business, grow your list and sell more products and services. You can do free teleseminars, you can be a guest on other people’s teleseminars, you can engage in audio article marketing, or you can produce a regular podcast or Internet radio show.

Increased Conversions
Audio messages posted on your sales page can increase sales. You can also send quick audio messages to your subscriber list to attract them to your sales pages. Another way to increase sales is to provide sample audio clips from your audio products on the sales page.

Increased Traffic
When I launched an podcast for my column, I noticed an uptick in page views. So, it is quite possible that producing an regular podcast can increase traffic to your website.


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