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Last week’s post, where the video, audio and text were fairly much the same, worked well, so I’m doing it again. If you’d like to listen to this post, use the player below or listen on Spreaker.
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This is the 11th and final installment of my journey through Soul Dancer’s free Pay Me What I’m Worth course sampler. If you missed any shows, its all good! Click here to access the entire series. On November 13, I’ll start a new series of short podcasts where I walk through the new survey Soul Dancer created based on the book. It is quite illuminating. If you’d like to take the survey yourself — I recommend doing so before listening to my series — you can do so at

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Chapter Ten: Gratitude Guidelines

Is there a difference between gratefulness and thankfulness? People often use the terms interchangeably, but do they really mean the same thing? I believe, that like all words, there are subtle differences in energy and I thought I’d explore them with today’s final episode.

First, let’s start off with some common ground: Definitions from good old Merriam-Webster. According to, grateful means “feeling or showing thanks to someone for some helpful act.” Therefore, gratefulness is specific to a circumstance and a person. Therefore, I’m grateful for my friend helping me move to a new apartment, but I’m not exactly grateful for moving in general nor the friend in general. defines thankful as “glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone exists.” Therefore, I’m thankful for my friend’s existence, as well as the opportunity to move to a nice new home.

In other words, gratefulness is in response to a specific act that is helpful to you. Someone holds the door open, helps you pick up some papers you’ve dropped, approved your loan … that kind of thing.

Thankfulness is a bit broader. I includes actions that were not taken, as well as the existence of something or someone. For example, you can be thankful for a roof over your head, food on the table and people you love to share it all with.

Do you feel the energetic difference? Gratitude is a specific subset of thankfulness.

In Chapter 10 of Pay Me What I’m Worth, author Soul Dancer walks you through a few exercises that help you explore more deeply what gratitude is and is not. He helps you understand the fine line between sincere thankfulness and its dark counter part, manipulation. He also provides some suggestions for experiencing more gratitude and thankfulness in your daily life.

Research has shown that people who are grateful are happier and healthier. Therefore, becoming more aware and awake to your blessings is important if you want to live a better life. Also, in my own experience, I’ve found that gratitude and thankfulness can help in business, can improve finances, can lead to more fulfilling relationships and so much more.

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Anna Banguilan on Performance-Based Contracts (1:50):

Elaine O’Malley on increased confidence in her business (0:43):

Stuart Young on uncovering more confidence than he thought possible (1:59):

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