Get Out of Struggle and Create a Business You Love

by | May 26, 2015 | Creating Products, Planning Your Business, Self Discovey

Paycheck to Passion podcast
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Last week, I was the featured guest on the Paycheck to Passion Podcast with Meredith Eisenberg, which I mentioned when she was a guest on my podcast.

On her show, I share some techniques you can use to get out of struggle mode and start creating a business you love.

“Be clear, and do not approach your business from a position of desperation,” I said. “Do everything you can to get out of desperate mode before you talk to other people, because no matter how hard you try to pretend you’re not desperate, they smell it. You need to get your mindset, your body, the whole thing, into a place of, “In this moment, I’m not desperate. Now, I can be of service to you.” When you are of service to whomever you’re talking with, they feel that. They feel that your heart’s in it and you’re not just trying to pry money out of their wallet.”

For more, listen to the full podcast at


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