Recommended Reading: Release and Forgiveness

Below are good, solid books about various aspects of release and forgiveness. I could recommend more than is listed on this page, for this topical area is large and wide. But I haven’t read those books yet. As I do, I’ll add to this list. But these listed here can give you a good start.

Make Miracles in Forty Days cover

Make Miracles in Forty Days: Turning What You Have into What You Want
By Melody Beattie
This book outlines a six-week plan for creating miracles in your life. Most of the work is about releasing the past. When I went through this book, I found it very cathartic. I laughed. I cried. I railed at the Universe. But in the end, I felt much lighter and created the miracles I needed at that point in time.

This is also a good read because interwoven among the exercises are stories from Melody’s life. Each story illustrates a point and shows how she developed the exercises through her own experiences.

A Forgiveness Journal

A Forgiveness Journal: Letting Go of the Past
By Kristin E. Robertson
This book is by a former client of mine. I was working with her when she launched this book and helped create the web pages for it, as well (that was back in my web design days). This is a simple book that walks you through an easy-to follow process for letting go of unforgiveness. If you’d rather journal your way through release, this might be a better option for you than the Beattie’s book.

Focus on Forgiveness

Focus on Forgiveness
By Carma Spence
OK, time for a little self-promotion. I created this book for Robertson’s book launch. I’m now working on a more robust, expanded online course based on the work — and further work — I’ve done on the topic of forgiveness. However, at only 99 cents, this is a great way to get started with your forgiveness work. Each day, for 31 days, read a quote and journal your thoughts and feelings on it. You’d be surprised how doing this kind of simple journaling work can help you release the past.

Additional Reading

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