Email Marketing Basics for Authors

Simple Steps for Getting Started with Email Book Marketing

This series of short, 1-minute videos is designed to empower authors with the tools and knowledge needed to harness the power of email marketing. From creating compelling opt-in incentives and generating effective opt-in forms to nurturing your subscribers and promoting your content, each video provides actionable steps to help you grow your email list and increase book sales.

The Power of Email Marketing

June 19, 2024 – 12 pm CT

Discover how email marketing can skyrocket your book sales and grow your business.

The Importance of an Email List

June 19, 2024 – 7 pm CT

Discover why every author needs an email list and how to make it work for you.

Step 1 - Invest in email marketing software

June 20, 2024 – 12 pm CT

Discover the benefits of email marketing software like Aweber and Mailchimp.

Step 2 - Develop an opt-in incentive

June 20, 2024 – 7 pm CT

Learn how to attract your ideal readers by offering something they can’t resist.

Step 3 - Generate and place opt-in forms

June 21, 2024 – 12 pm CT

Learn how to use email marketing software to create and place forms that attract subscribers.

Step 4: Deliver your opt-in incentive

June 21, 2024 – 7 pm CT

Learn various methods and ensure your readers get the opt-in incentive they signed up for.

Step 5 - Nurture Your Subscribers

June 22, 2024 – 12 pm CT

Learn how to build trust and promote your book effectively with a well-crafted Welcome sequence.

Promote Your Opt-In Incentive

June 22, 2024 – 7 pm CT

Promote your opt-in incentive through social media and keep growing your list of potential clients.

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Additional Resources for Email Book Marketing

If you seek additional information and support for your book marketing efforts, through email or beyond, here are some resources to help you become a better book marketer.

Learn more about email marketing for authors from my growing library of blog posts.

Up your book marketing game with monthly training, support, and access to members-only resources.

Explore how I can help you with your email, social media, and overall book marketing with this no-cost call.

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