Easy Ways To Record Audio for Your Business

by | Jun 11, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

recording audio
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Would you like to record audio to use in your business? Here are a couple of simple ways to do that.

Use Your Telephone
This is the method I use. I dial into a conference call service, FreeConferenceCalling.com, login, click on the “record” button and record. Since I have a land line and decent headset for my phone, the recordings have been pretty good. There are plenty of free conference calling services available. I use this one because it allows me to record when I’m the only one on the line. Most other services require there to be at least one other person calling in. If you only have a cell or wireless phone, I don’t recommend this option, as those types of phone often have clarity issues.

Use A Mic for Your Computer
There is plenty of software available that will allow you to record audio from your computer … all you need is a microphone to pick up the sound. In fact, many modern computers come with this software already installed. The trick to this option is, however, to have a decent microphone … and these can be fairly expensive.

You Don’t Need a Studio
I hope you can see from the two options I mentioned above that you don’t need to have a fancy studio in place to record decent audio you can use in your business.


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