Do I Have to Plan for the Whole Year?

by | Nov 14, 2009 | Planning Your Business

Yes and no. Ultimately, you don’t have to do anything. However, if you want next year to go well for you and your business, you should at least create a basic plan for the new year.


It doesn’t have to be extensive and detailed. It could be simply an overview of what you want to accomplish for each month or even quarter. For example:

  • Q1 – Launch Product A
  • Q2 – Launch Service B
  • Q3 – Launch Event C
  • Q4 – Re-launch Product A with add-ons

Of course, the more detailed and granular you get, the easier it will be to accomplish those goals.

  • What steps need to be taken to launch product A?
  • When do each of those steps need to be completed to launch product A on time?
  • Who on your team can you delegate those steps to?

Repeat for each big project in your plan. In fact, sometimes it’s easier to approach planning this way.

Step 1: List the big things you want to accomplish and assign a deadline date.

Step 2: Break each big thing into smaller, more bite-sized, steps, and assign each of those steps a deadline.

Step 3: Take a look at your detailed list and see if you need to revise the overall project deadline.

Step 4: Delegate those steps you can and schedule on your calendar those you can’t.

Ta Da! You’ve got a plan. See? That’s wasn’t so painful.

Getting back to the main question. If planning at the detailed level for the whole year is too much for you, that’s O.K. Do a hybrid plan. Plan on a macroscopic level the whole year and only get detailed on the first quarter. Just be sure to put on your calendar to revisit Q2’s plan about a month or so into Q1 — you don’t want to get to April and not have anything planned out ahead.


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