Developing Content for Your Information Product

by | Jan 6, 2010 | Creating Products

The quality of your information product will determine, to a great extent, the results you will get once it starts selling. When you develop a high-quality information product there will be fewer returns and more glowing testimonials.

So how do you create a quality information product?

Think of the End Result
What will your information product help your customers accomplish? What should they get out of consuming your information product? With that in mind, you can work backward to figure out what needs to be in it to accomplish that result.

Decide on Method of Delivery
How will you best deliver the information you will be providing? Will this product be a written, audio, video, or software product? Will it be a combination? Which methods of delivery would best serve both the information and your customers?

Determine How You Will Develop It
Will you be creating this product on your own? Will you be hiring someone to create it for you? Will you be enlisting partners to help you create part of the product? You need to figure out how you will go about developing the content that will comprise your information product.

Do Your Research
Of course, before you can do any of the above, you need to know who your target market is and what their information consumption preferences are. Good ways to determine these is through:

  • Keyword research – find out what words and phrases your target market are use to find the information you can provide
  • Forum research – find out what questions your target market is asking
  • and ClickBank research – find out what formats are most commonly used and consumed for the information you are providing
  • Q&A Sites research – find out burning questions and the answers that have been previously offered

Evaluate the Competition
What information are other products that are similar to yours providing? Can you add something that hasn’t been shared before? Can you provide an answer from a different perspective? Can you deliver the information in an easier to consume manner?

All of these things, when considered separately and together, can help you develop a quality information product that customers will be glad they purchased.


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