How do you define your worth? Part 3

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Mindset

Pay Me What I'm Worth Survey Part 3
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Photos: © Jaimie Duplass (professional relationships), Galina Barskaya (personal relationships), Yuriy Poznukhov (power), Vladimir Kolobov (professional development) |; Design: Carma Spence

To help people engage with the concepts in his book, Pay Me What I’m Worth, Soul Dancer has created a fun quiz based on what previous students have expressed while going through the book and his programs based on the book. As part of my personal Pay Me What I’m Worth journey, I decided to not only take the quiz myself but to take Soul along with me so he could answer questions about the quiz and give some insights into each of the questions and his thought process behind them.

I recommend that you take the quiz yourself before listening to my series.
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In this third episode of this series, I answer the questions in the quiz that delve into where I stand in the realms of personal relationships, power, professional development and professional relationships.. Soul and I also have conversations about what those concepts mean, and what I learned in the first part of this survey series.

Survey Questions 9-12: Personal Relationships, Power, Professional Development and Professional Relationships

Duration: 31:01


Explore Your Worth and Become the Master of Your Life

I’m now accepting applications for the next Pay Me What I’m Worth group, which is 12 payments of $149, paid monthly. Learn more and register today at! Together with author of Pay Me What I’m Worth Soul Dancer, we’ll take a 12-month dive into owning your worth and increasing your confidence.

Remember, not everyone will be accepted into the course. You must schedule an exploratory session with me first to determine if you are a good fit for this group at this time.

Are you are wondering what this 12-month class can do for you? Listen to what previous students have had to say about Soul’s Pay Me What I’m Worth Master Class.

Anna Banguilan on Performance-Based Contracts (1:50):

Elaine O’Malley on increased confidence in her business (0:43):

Stuart Young on uncovering more confidence than he thought possible (1:59):


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