Day 30: Guilty pleasures

by | Sep 1, 2013 | 2013 Celebrate You!, Celebrate You!, Mindset

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Yesterday, I never made it to my computer, so today you’ll get two posts.

Friday I celebrated me by indulging in guilty pleasures. I made a fantabulous mock Chicken Parmesan (delish!) and watched some movies on TiVo.

I’ll admit it, I love cheesy science fiction B-movies. They are, indeed, my guilty pleasure. And Age of Dinosaurs didn’t disappoint. The special effects were pretty cool, but the writing didn’t match up.

Take a misguided entrepreneur (Ronny Cox) with lots of money to spend on “cool factor” … bringing dinosaurs to life, add in a strained father/daughter relationship (Treat Williams was the father) and you’ve got manufactured drama galor.

Of course, good actors are good actors … Cox and Williams were doing their darned best with the material. But some of the lines were so deliciously campy!

And, of course, there was a few homages to Jurassic Park when the carnesaurs tapped their toes and the daughter hid behind a cupboard as one looked around for his next snack.

Good, B-movie fun. What could be better!?

How did you celebrate you on Friday? Did you indulge in a guilty pleasure? Did you enjoy something that is especially fun for you, but not necessarily “high-class”? For me, B-movies are a throw back to my childhood. Reliving the fun moments of growing up is one way you can celebrate you. Please share your celebrations, insights and wisdom in a comment below.


  1. Dolores

    Sounds like right down my alley. Was it on TV or did you rent it?

    • Carma Spence

      It was on my favorite TV channel … SyFy. I can’t imagine life without SyFy! Well, actually, I can … I had to go without for awhile once, many years ago when it was the SciFi Channel, because my TV wasn’t compatible with the cable box required to get that channel. It was brutal. I went into withdrawals. Trust me, I haven’t been without it since! 🙂


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