Day 29 of Celebrate You!

by | Aug 29, 2014 | 2014 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

“There’s a lot happening in many of us.
I think you have to celebrate every part.
It’s what you are. You have to try to find all of those secret names.”
~ Cassandra Wilson

Yesterday, Day 28 of the 31-Day Celebrate You! Challenge, I found it challenging to celebrate.

I had some personal stuff going on that was upsetting. But even then, I knew I needed to look for my silver lining and I did: I had a fabulous walk along the ocean in the morning. I also wore one of my new blouses and felt pretty.

So, my intention in sharing this today is to show you that even when you’re having a “bad day,” you can find blessings to appreciate, celebrate and be thankful for.

How did you celebrate you yesterday? Please share in a comment below and/or in the Facebook group.

Join the Facebook group and share your celebrations, as well! And, of course, feel free to comment on this post and share your celebrations using the comment box below.


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