Day 29: A little self-pampering goes a long way

by | Aug 30, 2013 | 2013 Celebrate You!, Celebrate You!, Mindset

Yesterday, I treated myself to a couple of self-pampering rituals.

If you’ve been following my videos or photographs over the months this year, you may have noticed something changing over time … the length of my hair. I’m growing it long again. So, I haven’t gotten my hair cut since last year, and it needed it. The ends were dry and I could tell my hair wasn’t that healthy every time I washed it.

So, yesterday, birthday coupon in hand, I stopped my Fantastic Sam’s and got a trim. Even better, my hair was trimmed by someone new who actually listened to me and did what I requested. Just a trim to get rid of split ends and absolutely, positively no bangs. He did great. I’m very happy with the results. The length was barely affected and when I washed my hair last night, I could feel its health and vibrancy had returned.

On top of that, the stylist was surprised to discover I had gone nine months without a cut. He said my hair was much healthier than could normally be expected for going without a trim for so long. That made me feel like I’ve been doing something right. Yay me!

Then, birthday coupon in hand, I went next door to Baskin Robbins and got a free scoop of ice cream. I tried the Oreo and Chocolate. It was tasty and, for some reason, just slightly minty. I sat down and read a bit of Mozart’s Blood while enjoying my ice cream with leisure.

After doing a couple errands, I walked home and continued my work day. All in all, I’m quite pleased with my productivity, exercise and self-pampering for the day. Yay me!

How did you celebrate you yesterday? Did take a moment to pamper yourself? Did you discover that you’ve been doing something right? Were you especially productive? Share your celebration, insights and wisdom in a comment below.


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