Day 12: Looking for the celebration … and finding it

by | Aug 13, 2013 | 2013 Celebrate You!, Celebrate You!, Mindset

weighinYesterday, I was so focused on the tasks at hand that I didn’t pay much attention to celebration. So when it came to write down my celebration for the day last night, I really had to think. What had I done that day that celebrated me?

Here’s what I came up with:

  • I renewed my commitment to release excess weight. I worked out with weights in the morning and took an hour walk in the afternoon. When I weighed in this morning, I had lost 0.9 lbs since yesterday. 🙂
  • A friend I hadn’t heard from in a year or so called me out of the blue last night. We had a nice conversation. Its always nice to connect with friends.
  • I made Mock Chicken Parmesan for dinner. It was very tasty and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

What I’ve come to realize is this: No matter how busy you are nor how bad a day you feel you are having, bright moments peek through. If you look for them, you will find them. Part of what this 31 Days of Celebration exercise is all about is helping you get into the habit of looking for those bright moments.

What you focus on expands. What you look for, you will find. Why not look for the good, the brilliant and the enjoyable?

If you want more good stuff in your life, look for good stuff!

What did you do to celebrate you yesterday? Can you find the sparkly bits through the dull stuff? Challenge yourself to find at least one wonderful thing that happened to you every day and soon you’ll find many more wonderful things happening every day. Expect good stuff!


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