Creative professionals need an opt-in box on their websites

by | Jan 25, 2011 | Creativity, Marketing & Selling, Video

In this video, I explain why creative professionals, such as artists, entertainers, and chefs, need to have an opt-in box on their website.

An opt-in box asks visitors to your website to provide you their name and email address in exchange for something of value.

For an artist, this might be tips on art, insight into your artistic process, and updates on your gallery shows.

For an entertainer, this might be news of your latest gigs, updates on projects you’re involved in, or advice on how to get into the biz.

For a chef, this might be exclusive recipes, special offers for subscribers, news of special events you’re involved in.

Be creative … you are a creative professional after all … and provide something that your target audience will look forward to receiving and that supports your brand.



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