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by | Mar 5, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

To co-opt a phrase of one of my idols, there are billions and billions of web pages out there that the search engines need to sort through, rank and filter. So, they kind of frown on duplicate content. When they finds several copies of the same content, they usually select one of the copies (often the first one they come across) and pretty much ignore the rest. Therefore, if your article is identical to or similar enough to other content previously indexed, your article will be ranked very low, if at all.

Worse yet, any backlinks that article provides will not be counted toward your website’s ranking.

So you need your articles posted to different article marketing directories to be different enough to considered unique content. This is called “article spinning.”

Article spinning works by re-writing articles (or at least parts of them) so that search engine spiders won’t recognize them as duplicate content. This way, these “spun” copies of your article can help your website’s page ranking and the individual articles will be indexed (which could mean that search engine results are dominated by your content).

There are a number of ways you can “spin” your articles:

1. You can use software. This often results in poor quality articles that aren’t easy to read.

2. You can hire writers or writing services to spin them for you. This will give you a better quality than option 1. However, I’ve had mixed results with this. Because these services are trying to put out as many spun articles as they can to increase their hourly income, overall quality and the communication of your voice can suffer.

3. You can do this yourself. After you’ve done a few, if you have a knack for writing, you’ll find that this doesn’t take that much time at all. However, it is still using your time for a low-income task.

4. You can combine any of the options above to save time and maximize quality. For example, you could use the software and then edit the versions to make then sound better. You could work with a specific writer who learns your style over time and is able to provide you with better spun copies of your articles.

For best results in your article marketing, you’ll want to spin each section of your article:

1. The Title — You don’t want to have the same title twice, if possible.

2. The Summary — create a unique summary for each version of the article.

3. The Resource Box — tweak your resource box so that it, too is different. Change of the anchor text used for the link. Re-word your offer. Etc.

4. The content — pay special attention to the first paragraph and the lead sentence.

Want another trick? Publish your article on your blog first and submit it to article directories a couple of days or more later. This will give the search engines a chance to give your website the highest rank for the article.


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