Creating Information Products: Video Products

by | Apr 30, 2010 | Creating Products

video products
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Video products are very popular these days. They seem easier to consume and they address at least two learning styles: audio and visual. They are also fairly easy to create. Examples of video products include:

  • Recordings of live speaker events
  • Demonstrations of software products
  • Demonstrations of activities from sports to cooking and beyond

If you are a public speaker, creating a video product from your workshops, seminars and other on-stage presentations is an easy leap for you. However, if you’re not a speaker, you can still create decent, sellable video products.

If your videos will be delivered online, you don’t need to worry too much about video quality. However, if you are going to sell them as DVDs, I’d recommend that you get some professional equipment and/or help. People are less forgiving of poor quality video when they purchase on DVD.

So, what kinds of video products can you create for your marketing funnel? Do you need to show people how to do something? Is this something visual like how to use software, how to cook an egg, or how to play poker? Then video products are idea for you.

Is talking an integral part of what you do? Do you give workshops, seminars, lectures or other presentations? If you do them live in front of people, have someone video record your presentation. But even if you are doing your presentations over the phone, you can always create slides and other images to go along with your audio and create a video product that way. Webinars are an example of this.


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