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Weekday Wisdom, Episode 97

An Interview with Sarah Schwab, the Content Creation Coach

In today’s episode, the fourth and final segment of my interview with Sarah Schwab, we chat about favorite content types, re-purposing content and using dance as a metaphor for communication.

Sarah Schwab on the Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence, Part 4

CARMA SPENCE: Now do you have a favorite type of content that you favor for yourself and for your clients? Because those might be two different things.

SARA SCHWAB: They might be two different things. My first, and so therefore closest to my heart, form of content is blog articles. It really started when I lived in Switzerland for a year. And I wrote a blog mostly to document the experience and for family and friends and whatever to keep up with this. and it was a really powerful experience.

And what I loved about it is that over time it evolves. So each blog article is a piece of content, it’s a work of creativity in and of itself. But when you look at the blog after a year, or six months, or however long, it almost takes on a life of its own. And you can look back and say, “I remember that one.” And, “Look how it’s changed from here.” And now I can do that with my business blog, which I have been doing for almost four years. And now I have a client that I’ve been working with for over two years, almost three years actually, and we could do that with her blog. Remember when we wrote this one? And now we can re-purpose these. Or maybe we can do other exciting things over time.

So, I hope that answers your question. I do love blog articles and I love nurturing content, in general, for that reason. Because there’s really an evolution that happens with it. As apposed to the one time catalysts, which are cool for their own reasons, but the growth that you can see and the things that you can do with nurturing content over time, I think are really exciting.

CS: And you can re-purpose it. I’ve created books out of blog posts. And I’ve done it in two different ways: I’ve taken a bunch of blog posts and created a book. And then the book that’s coming out next, it was one blog post that inspired an entire book.

SS: Wow! So my book was also a result of my business blog. And then I’m planning on doing a podcast. And I’m already envisioning a book coming out of the first season of my podcast. And so, yeah a topic of re-purposing content is super exciting, but it does require that consistency.

CS: It does.

SS: That re-purposing opportunity happens when you’re creating content on a regular basis.

CS: So the title of your book is, Content that Dances. Why the dancing metaphor?

SS: So that’s something that people who know me are familiar with. Dancing is near and dear to my heart. I’ve been a dancer since I was young. I danced all through college and even into adulthood and ended up taking a break from it for a while, when I had young kids. And, you know, life and career and husband and busy-ness. And I reconnected with it a couple of years ago. And am just so reinvigorated and alive. I love what it brings to me. And it’s my favorite form of creative expression.

And so, the reason I tie that in to my book title and sometimes to my work, is to that point that we were talking about earlier when you’re building relationships through content, you’ve gotta share yourself. And share something that is uniquely you or that you are passionate about or get really excited about. And so for me, that’s dance. But I’m trying to model that so that other people can say, “What is that thing for me that I can also share?

Carma belly dancing to the James Bond theme

In my 20s, I was a bellydancer. Here I’m performing an “Ode to James Bond” I choreographed.

CS: That’s great. I mean I’ve also been in love with dance since I was a little kid. I sucked at it as a little kid though. I took ballet and tap but I really sucked at it. I didn’t really come into my own as a dancer until my 20s when I took the bellydance, of all things. My body just knew how to do that. And so I really reconnected to it. But I mean I’ve watched dance movies, and anyway that’s beside the point.

Dance is a form of communication. I talk a lot about speaking. And something I learned as a dancer, is sometimes stillness is exactly what you need. I use that as an analogy to talk about silence, pauses when you’re talking. So, I was just wondering if there was a connection there too, because I could see that. I could see the dance of words.

SS: Yes. And so in the book I use dance metaphors like that to describe a lot of things within content. I think there’s so many similarities or correlations that can be drawn that way.

CS: So completely off topic, what kind of dance are you into?

SS: So, this new phase of my dance life is ballroom. A couple of years ago I was at a fundraiser and I won some free lessons at a ballroom studio, which is totally different than the kind of dance I had grown up doing. And I’ve just fallen in love with it. And it’s partially because it’s a whole new world, new things for me to learn. That interaction where I’m now dancing in partnership with another person and this whole other element of communication and connection and partnership and all of that, which I absolutely love.

CS: And as you were saying this, I realized that that’s what a lot of this nurturing content is. It’s a dance with a partner you can’t see.

SS: Oh! I Love that! It’s so true. And you have to be the leader and invite them to follow along.

CS: Exactly. And at the same time you have to understand where they’re going so that you can lead them in a way that resonates with them while still being authentic to who you are.

So, is there anything I haven’t asked you that you’d like to share?

SS: I talk sometimes about mistakes that people make when it comes to content. One of them is not promoting their content. Creating it is one thing and that’s really where my expertise and passion is. But you can’t just create it and then maybe put it on your blog page or on your website. I even know people who’ve created stuff and it’s sitting on their computer. They’ve never actually done anything with it.

So actually getting it out there and then promoting it. Getting it in front of people. That is the whole point. That’s when the magic can happen. If you don’t connect the content creation with the promotion and the marketing and the eyeballs, then you’re not going to see the result that you want to see. So that’s number one.

The other one is creating bland content. We’ve kind of talked about that a little bit. We want to build that relationship making it personal. Making it interesting. Making it different. There’s so much content out there. Snd that’s one of people’s hesitations is, “I’m not going to say anything new that people can’t already find somewhere else.” But you can say it in a way that only you can say it. And so that’s your job. It’s to bring yourself to it, bring your unique take to it, your unique spin to it. That’s one of the things that makes engaging content and not bland content that’s the same as everything else.

But of course the number one mistake is simply not creating content at all. It’s so powerful. It’s necessary. If you want to be out, particularly online, attracting people, you’ve got to be sharing value. You’ve got to be having something to give for them to find. It’s no longer the world of brochure websites. You’ve got to be creating content. So, think about the question I always love to ask people, and I’ll end with this, is, “What are you creating next to grow your business?”.

CS: Just a comment about the bland content. I suspect that a lot of people start off there, because they’re still finding their voice, you know? It’s like they haven’t figured out who they are and how it fits with their content. Because I look back at my original … My business blog, I’ve been doing for probably ten years. And some of that original content is just yawn. And it’s because I didn’t infuse who I was into it. And as, over time, you could see I am becoming more and more a part of the content. And that’s how it eventually evolved to where my comment is almost all video now.

SS: Awesome. Awesome!

CS: I then I translate it into text and audio so that everyone can consume it how they like. But it starts off as video, because then I could just be me. And if you don’t like me, don’t come back.

SS: Yes. Oh my gosh, there’s so much in what you said just now. But you’re a perfect example of how this evolves.

And so, first, don’t be afraid to start. When you start, it won’t be perfect. It won’t be the most exciting thing in the world. There’s ways to help you do the best. But it will evolve. And that’s fantastic. I actually think it can drive, depending on how people resonate with it, what you find that you really like. What happens is it can be a driver in your business. And that takes things in another direction that maybe you didn’t even expect. So I find that really exciting.

CS: Exactly. So if someone wanted to work with you or learn more about you how would they go about doing that?

SS: The best way is to just head to my Web site which is And, like we’ve talked about, I’ve got blog articles and resources, an e-book, and all sorts of things for people to find there. As well as even a way to schedule a time to chat with me, if you’d like to chat on the phone. So, I look forward to hearing from everybody.

CS: Awesome thank you so much, Sarah, for coming onto the Weekday Wisdom.

Well I hope you enjoyed this four-part series of my interview with Sarah Schwab. And I hope that it gave you some good, solid information that you can use as you move forward to create content. Because remember:.

You’ve got to think outside that box.
You’ve got to spread your wings and fly.
Because you — yes you’re right there — are capable of more than you know.

And that includes creating amazing content that will attract your ideal clients.

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