Why a Continuity Program Should Be a Part of Your Business

by | Jul 2, 2010 | Creating Products

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© Chad McDermott | PhotoXpress.com

If you have one or more continuity programs that bring in a steady, regular income, your business will be buffered against down times and can even thrive during a down economy. This is the main reason you should have a continuity program as part of your business, here are some more:

Reach More People
…And Have Them Pay You for the Honor

If you have a low priced continuity program, you can attract more people into your marketing funnel. So, in a sense, you are having people pay you to build a relationship with you. How cool is that?

Make It Easier to Sell to Paying Customers
Did you know that it is easier to sell to a customer than a prospect? Well, when someone is already a member of one of your continuity programs, they are more likely to purchase another of your products.

Increase the Incidence of Referrals
When you have an engaged audience in your continuity program, they are more likely to talk about you in a positive manner. This leads to a higher referral rate. Remember … because you are communicating with them regularly to deliver their monthly content, you become top of mind.


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