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by | Feb 18, 2011 | Creating Products, Marketing & Selling

article marketing and product development
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Did you know you can use articles and blog posts you’ve written to develop products that you can sell on your website, at events and even on Here are three ways that shorter content you’ve written can be spun into products.


Pull a selection of your articles and blog posts together to create a special report or book that you can sell. I’ve used this technique to create opt-in bonuses for several of my websites.


Take one or more of your articles and expand upon them, creating a special report or book. Develop the core concepts in more detail, bringing in more information and developing the topic further. This is how my forthcoming book, Public Speaking Super Powers was born. I took one of my most popular articles and am expanding it into a book.


Use the information in one or more of your articles to create an educational teleseminar. Record the call and turn it into a CD and MP3 download you can sell. Currently, I have four CDs available on Amazon that were created from a recorded telephone call. At least one of them was based on an article I wrote.

The underlying theme of this article is re-purposing. Once you’ve created content in one form, in this example an article, re-use it in other formats to leverage your work and to reach a wider segment of your target market.


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