Celebrations 2016, Days 13 and 14

by | Aug 15, 2016 | 2016 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

Wow! This weekend was crazy busy! And that’s how I Celebrated Me both Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a quick recap:

Saturday (Day 13):

Went shopping and purchased 120 plastic champagne glasses for less than $20. Woo hoo! Saved about $30 from what I was going to spend on Amazon! One more wedding task down.

At another store, I found a set of beautiful frames to use for the “In Memorium” pictures at the wedding. I wasn’t able to buy them because their Internet was down and I didn’t have cash. But then my Sweetie bought them on his way home. Another wedding task down!

I also danced, did laundry, walked for about 30 minutes, strung two banners for the wedding, and made our cake topper! Here’s the finished cake topper I created:

Carma and Christopher's custom cake toper
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Sunday (Day 14):

Sunday was a bit more leisurely. After church, Christopher and I intended to go grocery shopping, but because we were hungry, we decided to get a bit to eat first. We didn’t want to eat the same old, same old, so we ended up driving around until we found ourselves in Redondo Beach. We saw this restaurant — Rajin’ Cajun Cafe — and thought that could be interesting. We had crab cakes and fried catfish and the best bacon cheddar corn bread ever!

Rajin Cajun Cafe
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Afterwards, we got the groceries done and then sat down to go over various wedding day tasks. Phew! Several items are now off my To-Do List,

That feels great!


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