Celebrations 2016, Day 7

by | Aug 7, 2016 | 2016 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

Carma feeding grapes to Christopher

A fun pose Christopher and I did for our engagement photo shoot.

Today I celebrate honest and deep communication. My fiance and I had a wonderful heart to heart conversation about important matters to our relationship. Some of it was inspired by our class yesterday, some of it not. But we got to really hear and see each other.

Being open and honest about my feelings … and listening openly to the feelings of my fiance … is truly something to celebrate. When I was much younger, I really didn’t give the men in my life a fair shake. I was judgemental and a tad selfish. In my previous marriage, I did a 180 degree turn and sacrificed wants and needs. This time, I’m going to do it right and I’m blessed that my fiance feels the same way. We are approaching our marriage as equals. And I’m glad that I’ve done the work necessary to step up to that plate and voice my needs fairly.

One of today’s exercises was to focus on what is going right in your life. Well, my fiance is a very big part of what is going right in my life right now. So what’s going right for you today?

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  1. Mom

    A kick of a photo!! How wonderful that our life experiences prepare us — if only we listen and learn.
    I need to learn from that dreadful experince I had a couple of weeks ago!


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