Celebrate You! 2015 Exercise, Day 8

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What is your desert island dream?

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What would you have to have on a desert island and why?

We all have non-negotiables in life, things we just have to have in order to feel content and fulfilled. As I’ve gone through life, my non-negotiable has changed: At one time is would have been my stuffed Tigger doll, later a stereo to play music, later access to the SyFy Channel. But as I’ve mosied around life, I kept learning that I actually could life without my non-negotiable. In today’s exercise, you’ll explore what one thing is your non-negotiable and whether it really is or not.

Today’s Journal Exercise:

If you knew you would be stranded on a desert island for one year, and that your food and shelter needs would be met, what one thing from your “civilized” life would you have to have to be content … or simply remain sane … during that year? Write that thing down and then journal about why you chose that one thing and explore how truly critical it is to your happiness.

daily-challengeDaily Challenge:
Share your one thing in the Facebook group and/or in a comment below. Comment on what other people are posting. Why did you choose that one thing? When you journaled about it, did you switch from your original one thing to another? Let’s challenge each other to dig deep into what our non-negotiable truly is. And, remember to include the hashtag #CelebrateYou when posting in the Facebook group.


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