Celebrate You! 2015 Exercise, Day 22

by | Aug 22, 2015 | 2015 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

How are you doing so far?
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It’s time to check in and evaluate your progress.

As we head into the final 10 days of this challenge, it is time to start taking stock of what you’ve accomplished so far. In working with clients and myself, I’ve found things start to noticeably shift around the two or three week mark. Let’s see how you’re doing.

Today’s Journal Exercise:

On the first day, you started a list of things that are going right in your life. I asked you to write down 10 and then add to the list as you went through the challenge. How are you doing with that? How many things going right do you have on your list now? Journal about how keeping this list, referring back to it, and updating it has made you feel over the past three weeks.

On the second day, I asked you to notice the “magical” things in your life. And on the third day I asked you to find the silver lining in the clouds or challenges in your life.

The point of all three of these exercises was to get you into the habit of looking at life through a positive lens. Did it work? Are you finding yourself seeing the world more half full than half empty? Journal about why or why not that is.

Being a genuinely positive person — not a dreamy Pollyanna — takes effort. It means being grounded in reality and acknowledging the bumps in the road, but not letting them get you down. It means actively seeking out the gold dust or silver lining in the darkness that happens to us.

When you make an effort to put on rose colored glasses intentionally and strategically long enough, it becomes a habit. And this good habit can positively affect your life, your outlook and even your health.

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Daily Challenge:
Please share some of your “aha”s in Facebook group and/or in a comment below. What have you learned? Have you experienced a shift in your finances, health, mood or some other aspect of your life? Feeling bold? Record a quick video of yourself sharing your aha’s and post it in the group.


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