Celebrate You! 2015 Exercise, Day 21

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Strike a power pose

Photo By Pearson Scott Foresman [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; Design by Carma Spence

A power pose can change your physiology
and make you more effective.

Amy Cuddy’s research has shown that “power poses” don’t just change how others perceive you; they immediately change your body chemistry. I’ve talked about her work before because I’m so impressed with how something so simple can make such a big difference.

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Today’s Journal Exercise:

Strike a power pose — I favor the Wonder Woman arms akimbo pose myself — and hold it for two whole minutes. Journal about how doing that made you feel. Do it first thing in the morning, and once more at mid day. Did you feel the effects each time? Were the effects cumulative?

daily-challengeDaily Challenge:
Tell us about your power pose and how it made you feel in the Facebook group and/or in a comment below. Feeling bold? Take a selfie of you in your power pose and share it with the hashtag #CelebrateYou in the group.


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